About ME

After 20+ years in various C-level roles,  it is time to work with people and company’s who are ready to take it to the next level.

No matter your size, volume, or your business performance,  I can help you fix what is broken or make what is good even better.

I’ve done mostly everything:

  • Running a family-owned business to starting up a NYC digital company  to  leading established  businesses.    
  • Partnering with Venture  Capital and Private  Equity.
  • Being a Board Member and being a member of and leading Leadership teams.
  • Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer.
  • Joining well managed businesses to joining those in dire need of  being  fixed.

I can help.


David's Research Experience

IRI - 10 years

OTX - 4 years

Ipsos - 2 years

Lightspeed/Kantar - 4 years